Terrarium Maintenance

I offer maintenance sessions for all terrariums from my store. Most terrariums require little to no maintenance. However, some people prefer to keep the plants neatly trimmed and shaped. A maintenance session can also fix damage from problems such as overwatering.

Terrarium Maintenance in Edmonton | Planted Glass Terrariums

I will bring my terrarium tools to your location (within Edmonton and area) and spend about 15-30mins getting your terrarium in tip-top shape. The small cost of these services covers my time, transportation, and materials.

  1. Basic terrarium maintenance ($10) includes trimming overgrowth, cleaning the glass, and tidying up the design.
  2. Advanced terrarium maintenance ($20) includes replacing plants and treating for mold. 
  3. Overhaul maintenance (starting at $20) includes a complete redo of your terrarium. This is only necessary in extreme circumstances where overwatering, lighting or mold issues have caused widespread damage.

I'm dedicated to providing quality terrariums and customer service.

If your terrarium develops an issue within the first 5 days of purchasing it, please contact me as soon as possible with a photo and description of the problem. If it is clear the problem was my mistake, I will be pleased to provide the above services free of charge.

Down the road, if any problems arise with your terrarium, check out my Tutorials to see if they can address the issue:

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about terrarium care and maintenance. I can provide personalized care tips to help you solve any problems and keep your terrarium happy and healthy.