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Planted Glass Terrariums

DIY Terrarium Kits: Beginner and Family-Friendly Activity

DIY Terrarium Kits: Beginner and Family-Friendly Activity

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Buying everything you need to make a healthy terrarium can be a HUGE investment. I love making the art of terrarium making more accessible so I've put together these DIY Terrarium Kits that have everything you need to make and maintain your terrarium. These kits are great gifts for the plant lovers in your life.

Each kit comes with an instruction sheet that you can follow step-by-step to create your first (or 10th) terrarium! You can choose between a Basic Kit or Live Plant Kit.

Basic Kit: All of the dry materials needed to make your terrarium, including dried moss. Since it does not contain live plants, this kit does not expire and does not need to be made right away. The instructions sheet includes recommendations of terrarium plants to buy and add once you're ready to make your terrarium.


  • 1L glass mason jar
  • Instruction sheet
  • Handmade polymer clay mushroom
  • Bamboo tweezers
  • Small spray bottle with distilled water
  • Premium hand mixed terrarium soil
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Brown and white sand
  • Decorative pebbles and rocks
  • Recommendations on terrarium plants to add

Live Plant Kit: Includes everything listed above from the basic kit, plus live terrarium plants (mix of: fittonia albivensis, peperomia prostrata, pilea depressa, and/or other small tropicals). Since this kit includes live plants, it must be made soon after purchase and the live plants will require some sunlight, water and care until planted in your terrarium. 

These DIY Terrarium Kits are only available for Local Pickup or Delivery in Edmonton, AB, Canada and area. If you live in a surrounding area within a 1-hour drive of Edmonton, please contact me before ordering to see if I can deliver.

For large or corporate orders:

  1. Please contact me 2 weeks before your event to ensure I can supply enough kits.
  2. I offer a 25% discount on orders of 5 or more kits. Contact me for your special discount code.

For requests: Please feel free to contact me at to request certain plants you would like in your kit- I will do my best to acquire them within a reasonable time frame but cannot make any guarantees.

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